In Perth’s most vibrant and bustling commercial real estate markets the Norfolk Commercial team sets the benchmark with its unwavering professionalism, efficiency, dedication, and passion.

With a head office in Subiaco and a secondary office in Fremantle, we are strategically positioned to provide top-tier commercial property services and solutions to our diverse clientele.

Cumulative expertise: The foundation of our success.

Our team amalgamates unique skills, experiences, and strengths. The cumulative expertise of Norfolk Commercial’s key principals in commercial property, investment banking, and corporate advisory roles, coupled with their academic prowess, infuses the team with unmatched professionalism.

Efficiency and speed: Navigating the market dynamics.

Efficiency is a cornerstone of our operations. We understand the dynamics of the local markets and the importance of timely decision-making. This proficiency allows us to navigate the commercial property landscape swiftly, ensuring optimal results for our clients.

Dedication and personalisation: Tailoring our approach to your needs.

Our dedication is evident in our tailored approach to each client. Every client has individual needs and objectives and is committed to delivering bespoke services to meet these requirements. This level of personalised service is a testament to our commitment to our client’s success.

The passion that transcends professionalism.

Beyond professionalism, efficiency, and dedication, passion distinguishes the Norfolk Commercial team. Passion for commercial real estate and delivering positive client outcomes is ingrained in our team ethos. It drives us to continually update our market intelligence, refine our strategies, and strive for excellence in every transaction.

Local expertise and resilience through market cycles.

Our team’s extensive local knowledge, fortified by experience through multiple market cycles, equips us to adeptly navigate the unique characteristics of Perth’s most vibrant commercial real estate markets. This local expertise and our unwavering commitment to our clients ensure we deliver on our promise of service excellence.

More than just a commercial property agency.

At Norfolk Commercial, we are more than just a commercial property agency; we are a dedicated team of professionals driven by our passion for real estate and commitment to delivering positive outcomes for our clients.

Across Perth’s most vibrant and sought-after commercial property markets, we stand ready to guide you towards your commercial property success.

We understand the dynamics of the local markets and the importance of timely decision-making.
Unleashing Market Potential: The Norfolk Commercial team's profound impact on Perth’s most vibrant and sought after commercial property markets.

News & Insights.

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Norfolk Commercial facilitates major lease with NAB in Fremantle’s CBD.

We are delighted to inform our valued partners and associates that we’ve successfully finalised leasing negotiations at 7 Essex Street, Fremantle, securing its future as a hub for the National Australia Bank Ltd, one of Australia’s preeminent financial institutions.

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The resilient Industrial real estate market: Insight and analysis.

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